Google Cloud Make a Partnership with a $3B Crypto Startup

  • LayerZero is an open-source blockchain solution that is worth around $3 billion. So, it helps in the communication between blockchain networks. 
  • Google Cloud entered a partnership with this startup to function as a verifier. 

Google Cloud is a tech giant that serves many purposes for many other tech companies. So, there was a recent announcement of a partnership between a $3 billion startup Ana the tech giant. 

Google Cloud Partners With Crypto Startup 


  • Google Cloud entered into a partnership with a crypto startup to help in the validation of blockchain messages. So, a crypto startup named LayerZero Labs spearheads this partnership, and Google Cloud will use the validating services. Fortunately for this startup, it is experiencing lightning-fast growth to support over 95% of cross-blockchain messaging. So, this startup is an open-source omnichain interoperability protocol that enables multiple blockchains to communicate cross-chain and share information straightforwardly. 
  • One of the major things to note here is that this protocol uses a unique technique to make it easier for different blockchain networks to connect with each other. So, Google agreed with them to support their service as a blockchain-validating service. This new partnership from Google Cloud means the tech giant will become LayerZero’s default oracle for verifying messages. Furthermore, the verification of messages only applies to two or more blockchains. LayerZero is a startup currently with the value of $3 billion. Moreover, a $120 million funding round led by a16z crypto was one of the major things bringing this crypto firm to the limelight. 
  • Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of LayerZero Labs, spoke about the partnership between the two companies. So, the CEO of LayerZero says Google is their perfect default verifier for validating messages across blockchains. On its part, LayerZero is seeing a very massive growth. In fact, it currently handles more than 95% of cross-chain blockchain messages. 

What Use Will Google Cloud Serve? 

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  • Now that there’s a consensus on a partnership between the two companies, what will be the use case of Google Cloud here? Generally, blockchains are usually independent of each other and can operate without needing any form of communication with one another. Other blockchains are coming up in large numbers. Hence, there’s a need for some kind of communication between the wide range of blockchains and protocols. 
  • This is where solutions like LayerZero and Google Cloud come in. So, they function as communication channels between blockchains. In the case of Google Cloud, it will function as a verifier, confirming the accuracy of information exchanged across chains. Furthermore, this will enhance the accuracy of communication between blockchains. 


LayerZero is a blockchain solution that uses a novel technique to make it easier for different blockchain networks to connect with each other and communicate. So, Google Cloud entered into a partnership with this $3 billion startup to function as a verifier. The function of Google here is that it will help improve communication accuracy between different blockchains. 

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