Ethereum Won’t Hit $10k This Year; Anarchy (ANA) Presale is Where Savvy Investors Are Going for Huge ROI

The negative sentiment in the overall cryptocurrency market was prompted by several reasons, including the release of the latest inflation report, which weakened the positive feeling that followed a favorable court ruling a few days ago.

Since then, investors and analysts have been busy making predictions and speculations. 

Ethereum’s future has also been discussed by these experts, with many wondering if it will pump to $10,000 this year. While some of these experts have made a number of price predictions for Ethereum, others are opting for a more lucrative project—Anarchy (ANA)—capitalizing on the opportunity.

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These savvy investors are looking beyond Ethereum and heading straight for the ANA’s presale , a new meme coin that has become the preferred choice among the best altcoins to buy now. 

Ethereum (ETH): The $10k Question

ETH has undoubtedly been a powerhouse in the market, often referred to as the “King of Smart Contracts.” It pioneered decentralized applications (DApps) and ushered in the era of blockchain innovations.

Since the merge last September, ETH’s price has fluctuated, swinging from new higher highs to new lower lows. After transitioning from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, ETH spiked by about 40% in the first six weeks but then dropped to $1075 by about 36% in the following days, which occurred because of the FTX crash that happened last November.

However, Ether has shown good signs of recovery and rally by about 78% in the first four months of 2023. This surge resulted from the Shanghai upgrade that happened in April. ETH’s price rallied above $2,000 for a new peak in the previous eight months. By the end of the second quarter, year-to-date, Ether had surged by approximately 40%, selling at $1873.

In August, it dropped by 14%, with a trough of $1579 on August 17; this price decline was solely due to the negative sentiment of the market resulting from Ripple’s lawsuit against the SEC.

Ever since the ruling favored Greyscale over the SEC in late August, the cryptocurrency market has been busy with predictions and speculations on whether Ether would reach the $10,000 price mark this year.

Recent data from Coin Glass records a $450 million pull-off from ETH’s futures market in just September; this further suggests more downward movements in its price action. Other analysts believe Ether’s decline might rebound at the $1560 support level in the face of a bull run.

But will Ether reach $10,000?

While Ether remains a top cryptocurrency, a five-figure valuation by the end of the year seems increasingly unlikely. Some investors can only hope the market tide shifts in their favor after making thorough decisions. 

Savvy investors, on the other hand, don’t just follow the crowd; they study the market, seeking out opportunities that offer genuine growth potential. As the year end is within reach, these investors are now maximizing ANA’s presale, a relatively new project in the market.

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Anarchy’s Presale: Where Opportunity Knocks

Anarchy might be another ERC-20 token, but it is not like your regular meme coins. It brings a unique blend of creativity, humor, and purpose.

On a primary mission to hunt down selfish and corrupt corporate bodies in the real world, it uses memes as a potent weapon to critique the indecency and hypocrisy in their rulings.

As a must have project listed by top analysts, Anarchy doesn’t stop at memes. It employs a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance structure, ensuring that the community has a say in the project moving forward.

While other cryptocurrencies may fluctuate with general market sentiment, ANA’s foundation in addressing real societal issues provides a unique sense of purpose, and this purpose is propelling its growth.

Investors have seen a huge opportunity in this project; convinced of its profit potential and utility, they have capitalized on its presale. Now in its third presale phase, after selling over $3 million worth of tokens, these tokens are still available at $0.00027 apiece!

For investors seeking a significant ROI opportunity this year, this is the ideal entry point.

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