Ethereum Stagnates Below $1,900, Here’s Why This Crypto AI Token is The Real “Ultrasound Money”

Ethereum is popularly identified with the term “ultrasound money” after its EIP-1559 upgrade and its becoming a deflationary asset. This term came as a response to the description of Bitcoin as “sound money” due to its capped supply of 21 million. After all, if Ethereum has a deflationary supply, it should be more valuable than Bitcoin, at least following the logic of Ethereum enthusiasts. However, it appears to be failing to live up to this expectation, considering its struggle to surpass the $1,900 mark. Amidst this, a unique contender has risen to become the real “ultrasound money”: InQubeta. Its deflationary nature and unique value proposition make it one of the altcoins to watch.

This article will explore the reasons behind Ethereum’s stagnation and why InQubeta is one of the top altcoins to have in investment portfolios.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Real Ultrasound Money?

In simple terms, “ultrasound money” refers to a currency with steady purchasing power whose value increases over time. To be successfully called an ultrasound money, some conditions need to be met, which InQubeta checks. As an innovative project poised for adoption with exceptional utility and a deflationary tendency, InQubeta is deserving of the title “ultrasound money.”

InQubeta’s appeal lies not only in its intersection between AI and blockchain but also in the critical challenge it seeks to solve in the AI industry. By becoming the world’s first crowdfunding platform for AI startups via cryptocurrency, it aims to reshape the industry. Two important elements within its ecosystem will be its NFT marketplace, where fundraising activities will be held, and its utility token, QUBE, through which funds will be raised.

AI-based startups can raise capital by minting investment opportunities and tokenizing them as NFTs, which will in turn be fractionalized. These will be listed on the marketplace and offered to investors, thereby allowing access to the AI market and fundraising for startups. On the other hand, its utility token, QUBE, will have important use cases, as it will be used for fundraising by AI developers and investments by enthusiasts. These strong applications will ensure continuous demand for the token, which will in turn push up its price, thereby making it a crypto to buy.

Additionally, as a deflationary token, the value of QUBE is expected to rise over time. The burn tax will permanently remove from circulation 2% of all token sales and 1% of all purchases, which will make the token scarce and positively impact its price. Hence, InQubeta answers the question, “Which crypto to buy today for long-term?” with experts predicting an increase of 35x in 2023.

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Ethereum (ETH): $1,900 Resistance Appears Out of Reach

Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized, open-source blockchain system. Besides its critical role in the blockchain industry, it is also the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, behind only Bitcoin. It earned the term “ultrasound money” after its upgrade, which introduced EIP-1559 and proof-of-stake (PoS) in addition to the token burn mechanism. This term came as a response to Bitcoin’s claim of being “sound money” due to its capped supply of 21 million. This means that as a deflationary token, Ethereum has an edge, hence the creation of the term “ultrasound money” by supporters.

However, of late, Ethereum hasn’t been living up to this billing in light of its recent underwhelming performance. Despite its significant role in the DeFI ecosystem and smart contract capabilities, its price has refused to break the $1,900 resistance. This failure can be attributed to market sentiment and concerns over the broader market. Nevertheless, Ethereum remains one of the best altcoins on the market today.


The stagnation of Ethereum below $1,900 is influenced by several factors, including concerns around the larger market and sentiment. As a result, its inability to break this resistance makes it undeserving of the title “ultrasound money,” at least for now. Meanwhile, considering InQubeta’s strong fundamentals, exceptional utility, and deflationary nature, it is more deserving of the title. This makes it the best crypto to invest in now.

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