Dogecoin’s Calm Before The Storm? Signs Point To A Potential 170% Price Surge; InQubeta To Follow Suit

The crypto crash has caused a decline in the prices of many assets in the market. Dogecoin’s (DOGE) value has remained stagnant for days, and top analysts wonder if this calm will usher in a surge in DOGE’s prices. Despite the mixed signals, Dogecoin’s steady prices show the potential for a 170% surge, indicating the token’s strong support. InQubeta (QUBE), an emerging project with potential for massive returns, is following suit with this bullish stance.

InQubeta is a cryptocurrency ICO with a bright future. The project aims to revolutionize AI startup funding to appeal to experienced investors seeking the best crypto investment to increase their profits, expand their portfolios, and participate in the global advancement of artificial intelligence. The token’s unique offering and resilience have positioned it for a potential price surge.

This article discusses InQubeta’s potential for a significant price surge alongside Dogecoin.

InQubeta (QUBE): Setting the Standard As The Best DeFi Investment For Savvy Traders

Despite the crypto market’s unpredictable conditions, some promising cryptocurrencies stand tall, gaining significant investor confidence. InQubeta is a cryptocurrency ICO that facilitates investments in AI startups instead of the barriers associated with traditional investment procedures. QUBE offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in a typically exclusive industry through fractional investments. Through the fractional investment protocol, investors can contribute to profitable AI projects in a way that suits their budget.

The QUBE token is deflationary with a 2% tax on all purchases and sales directed to a burning wallet and a 5% tax funding a reward pool. The project is not solely for investments; QUBE is a governance token that allows its members to engage in the platform’s decision-making processes. This feature makes InQubeta the best crypto investment for those who want to join a solid and active crypto community.

InQubeta’s unique value proposition indicates the token’s potential for a significant price surge of over 170%, with its impressive ongoing presale as proof. QUBE is in the third stage of its presale with a price of $0.0112. The presale has already raised over $2.5 million in funding, and investors who have seen InQubeta’s potential are flocking to its fast-rising presale. With over 310 million QUBE tokens sold and just over 34 million QUBE tokens left for this stage, the presale will soon enter stage 4. Crypto whales exploring new DeFi projects have been taking note of InQubeta’s futuristic approach to AI’s growth.


Dogecoin (DOGE): The Promising Meme Coin With A Strong Community

Dogecoin is a crypto project that transfers and receives payments processed through its blockchain. Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus introduced Dogecoin in 2013 as a parody of Bitcoin (BTC). DOGE has experienced steady prices in recent weeks, though several bullish signals have started to appear.

DOGE enthusiasts look forward to a favorable turnaround as Elon Musk announced that platform X, formerly called Twitter, is a DOGE-friendly space. This announcement led to a boom in Dogecoin’s trading volume, signaling a potential 170% price surge. Crypto analysts believe that if trading activity increases and the token escapes the descending triangle, DOGE will experience a bullish divergence.


Dogecoin’s calm before the storm has investors preparing for two significant outcomes: a price boom or a harsh decline. Despite DOGE’s potential for a 170% price surge, crypto enthusiasts have set their sights on new DeFi projects like QUBE, which offer better and safer investments. InQubeta has proven to investors its numerous benefits, not just for the present but also for the future.

The project roots itself in AI, the most promising technology globally, and offers a lasting solution for new and seasoned investors. QUBE offers profitable AI investments, but the token also increases in value over time, which is a good sign for traders who want to maximize their rewards through staking. The QUBE presale is ongoing, and interested prospects can buy into the project at affordable prices before its official launch.

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