Dogecoin experiences numb volatility as attention shifts to thriving Shiba Memu

Dogecoin (DOGE) attempts to regain momentum following a 25% dip that started on 26 July. The original meme coin remains restricted in a buyer-populated demand region. While you might anticipate massive buying to trigger price uptrends, numb volatility limits Dogecoin’s potential surges.

Faded volatility leaves Dogecoin paralyzed

Dogecoin gained around 0.6% within the past day, attempting to recover after consolidating around the $0.0604 price floor for weeks. Although technical indicators suggest possible price gains, faded volatility leaves DOGE paralyzed.

Bitcoin’s monthly realized volatility plummeted beneath that of Dogecoin, an unusual developments in the cryptocurrency market.

Source – Trading View

Dogecoin price hovered within a demand territory at press time. You would anticipate massive price actions at this zone. Amplified bullishness may push DOGE out of this region to explore the 50d EMA at $0.0639.

Such an uptick would see Dogecoin targeting $0.0666, where it faced rejection during its premature attempt on 28 August. A breach and close beyond the 100d EMA would trigger a revival rally that could extend to confirm solid uptrends for Dogecoin.

Meanwhile, seller pressure might plunge DOGE beneath the close support at $0.0604, potentially dipping the alt to gather sell-side liquidity below this foothold.

While Dogecoin’s path remains clouded, AI-centered Shiba Memu continues to gain attention, with its presale nearing the $3.5 million mark. Shiba Memu is a meme crypto combining artificial intelligence and blockchain to build a self-marketing powerhouse.

Shiba Memu – leveraging AI for an unstoppable marketing powerhouse

Shiba Memu is unlike many meme assets that launch with hype before struggling to retain enthusiasts due to unclear tokenomics and lack of utility. The newly launched token leverages AI-based software to learn fruitful marketing strategies and advertise itself on various social platforms and relevant forums.

According to its whitepaper, Shiba Memu will gain more power and intelligence as it progresses to dominate the crypto world. It reads,

“As it advances, the Shiba Memu token will become more intelligent and powerful, growing exponentially on its way to become a leading player in the cryptocurrency market.”

Should you invest in Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is already flourishing, and its explosive presale continues to draw attention, approaching the $3.5 million mark. Shiba Memu’s explosive presale confirms investor trust in the themed crypto.

Shiba Memu could be a lucrative opportunity for crypto and AI enthusiasts. Its unique unification of technologies provides benefits like magnified ROI, top-notch transparency, and self-sufficiency. As experts predict AI to be a $1.87 trillion industry come 2030, Shiba Memu offers a unique investment opportunity for substantial returns.

You can purchase SHMU tokens via the Shiba Memu website. It traded at $0.030700 at press time. Early investors will acquire the memecoin cheaper as its price increases daily at 6:00 pm GMT.

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