Could This New Altcoin Repeat Bitcoin Price History And Pump From $1 To Five Figures?

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At its inception, Bitcoin held little tangible value and was nothing more than a few lines of code and a novel idea. We have all heard of the story of how a Florida man Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC tokens in exchange for two large pizzas.

Hanyecz is not alone in his folly – in February of 2011, alpaca socks were being sold for 75 BTC per pair. In fact, Bitcoin was so undervalued that Gavin Andersen, hailed by many as Satoshi Nakaomoto’s successor, built a website called “The Bitcoin Faucet.” The website would simply give away 5 BTC tokens to visitors who completed a captcha, just so the cryptocurrency could reach a wider audience. 

Fast forward to today, Bitcoin turned out to be the best-performing asset of the decade, even outperforming equities like the NASDAQ-100. At today’s price, those two pizzas would be worth over $262 million, while the ordinary alpaca socks would be valued at $1.9 million. 

New altcoin Bitcoin BSC project is for investors just like Laszlo Hanyecz who underestimated BTC and missed out on its 3,000,000% all-time rally. $BTCBSC offers a faster, greener and more powerful version of Bitcoin, all at a cheap price of just $0.99. 

Is This New Altcoin The Next 30000x Token?

Despite its undeniable growth potential, experts fear that the best of Bitcoin may already be behind us. BTC skyrocketed from $1 in the early days of 2011 to trade near the $30,000 price range in 2023, which amounts to a 30000x price rally. 

Even the boldest Bitcoin predictions, such as the one from ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood, has the largest cryptocurrency priced at $1 million by 2030, which only comes out to a comparatively modest 33x surge. 

However, Bitcoin BSC is helping investors turn back the clock to April 2011 when BTC was trading below the $1 mark. Similar to Bitcoin, it has a maximum token supply of 21 million, with 6,125,000 tokens up for grabs in the presale itself at just $0.99. 

There is evidence to suggest that the token could outperform Bitcoin, especially in the short term. Similar ‘Bitcoin alternatives’ and clones like BTC20 and BTC 2.0 surged well over 600% during the same period when Bitcoin was facing a massive liquidity crunch and traded mostly sideways. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin BSC’s BEP-20 design, along with its lucrative stake-to-earn utility, makes it an even better investment than other copycat tokens. Furthermore, the anticipation of the upcoming BTC halving would pump fresh capital into the Bitcoin ecosystem, which could also benefit high-volatility tokens like Bitcoin BSC. 

Therefore, while it is difficult for BTCBSC to test the $30,000 price mark, popular traders like Jacob Bury are predicting a 1000% bull rally right after the token’s launch. Joe Parys, with close to 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, also positively reviewed the new altcoin this week in the video above.

Bitcoin BSC On The BNB Chain Is A More Powerful Version Of BTC

Bitcoin BSC isn’t just another run-of-the-mill BTC clone – instead, the project has improved upon many of Bitcoin’s critical flaws. 

Bitcoin uses the proof-of-work consensus mechanism to create new blocks, which is slow, costly and extremely energy-inefficient. In fact, it consumes more electricity than some smaller countries like Finland and Hungary. 

However, Bitcoin BSC is built upon the cutting-edge BNB Smart Chain, which is faster and cheaper than both Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, BTCBSC transactions can be completed within 5 seconds and cost less than 10 cents. On the other hand, BTC transactions can take 10 minutes to achieve finality and can cost up to $10 in additional fees. 

Bitcoin BSC also uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which consumes a small fraction of BTC’s energy requirements. 

The project has also taken strong steps to secure investors’ funds – the token’s smart contract has recently been audited by Coinsult, which revealed no potential risks or vulnerabilities. 

Thanks to its BEP-20 design, Bitcoin BSC is also compatible with popular dApps like MetaMask and Trust Wallet, which makes it easier for investors to trade and track the token. 

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Beat The Bear Market With High Staking Rewards

Bitcoin BSC introduces on-chain staking to the Bitcoin ecosystem, a key feature that is seeing enormous popularity amongst retail investors. The BTCBSC staking pool is currently offering a reward of 0.25 tokens per block, which amounts to an over 250% APY. Over one million tokens have already been staked.

Token holders can earn their rewards every 10 minutes when a new BTCBSC block is created. This encourages them to continue to stake their tokens for longer periods, thus creating attractive passive income, independent of the broader market outlook. It also ensures the token’s price stability after launch, protecting investors from any pump-and-dump price action. 

The staking rewards will be halved every 4 years – therefore, BTCBSC’s 21 million token supply will run out around the same time when the last Bitcoin token will be mined. 

Bitcoin BSC Presale Info

The Bitcoin BSC presale is off to an explosive start, thanks to its unique value proposition and the weak BTC price action in recent months. Investors are rushing to beef up their BTCBSC holdings, with over $2 million worth of tokens already sold to early investors. 

Buyers who purchased the token with BNB or BEP-20 USDT can start to take advantage of the on-chain staking utility in the presale itself. On the other hand, investors using ETH or ERC-20 USDT can avail of this feature upon the completion of the presale. 

However, the Bitcoin BSC presale has a soft cap of $3.96 million and a hard cap of $6.063 million. Therefore, interested buyers have a limited window to jump on the Bitcoin BSC bandwagon early and not miss out on this golden opportunity as well. 

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