Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana Will Easily Do 10x According to Top Analyst – Here’s Why

The popular cryptocurrency YouTube channel Altcoin Daily recently discussed the possibility of major price increases for three major cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL).

The host speculated that each of these cryptocurrencies has the potential to grow 10 times its current value.

Bitcoin: The Gold Standard of Crypto

The video begins with a bullish outlook on Bitcoin, emphasizing the shift in supply and demand dynamics. The host points out that more people are buying Bitcoin and taking it off exchanges, indicating a long-term holding strategy. This change was triggered by the pandemic scare of 2020 and the subsequent realization of the need for a decentralized, censorship-resistant alternative to traditional currencies.

Prominent investors like Cathie Woods and Bill Miller III are cited, both of whom predict a significant rise in Bitcoin’s value. Woods forecasts a $1 million Bitcoin by 2030, while Miller believes that as long as demand grows faster than the 1.5% supply increase, the price will inevitably rise.

Ethereum: More Than Just a Platform

The video transitions to Ethereum, highlighting its growing scarcity due to staking and its removal from exchanges. Fidelity’s investment thesis and a $50,000 Ethereum price prediction by 2030 are discussed. The host also mentions the potential for spot Ethereum ETFs, which could have a significant impact on its price.

Notably, the video emphasizes that Ethereum is being drained from exchanges, which is a bullish indicator for its future. The host cites a report by VanEck Investment Management, which predicts a $50,000 Ethereum price by 2030, supported by factors like token burn, strong market capture, and growing use cases such as “security as a service.”

Solana: The Dark Horse

Finally, the video discusses Solana, which is rapidly gaining traction and differentiating itself from other Layer 1 solutions. A recent partnership with Visa is cited as a significant milestone for Solana. The co-founder of Solana explains that the network’s speed and low transaction costs make it an ideal choice for Visa’s USDC settlement pilot.

The video elaborates on how Solana’s technology is built to be as close to the cost of hardware as possible, making transactions incredibly cheap and fast. The average transaction on Solana settles in about 1.2 seconds at a cost of 0.002 cents, making it one of the most efficient blockchain networks. This efficiency is what attracted Visa to build on Solana, enabling enterprise-grade throughput at virtually no cost.


Altcoin Daily’s video provides a comprehensive and bullish outlook on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, each with its unique value propositions and catalysts for growth. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, these three coins stand out as strong contenders for delivering a 10x return on investment.

The video, titled “Bitcoin easy 10x. Ethereum easy 10x. Solana easy 10x. (HERE is WHY)”, has garnered significant attention, racking up over 41,000 views since its upload on September 8, 2023. For those interested in diving deeper into these topics, the full video by Altcoin Daily can be viewed here.

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