Best Cryptos to Invest in September 2023: Uniswap, Maker and Bitcoin Spark

The cryptocurrency industry has had several potential innovations since the inauguration of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is regarded as the prominent digital currency since it emanated first in the decentralized community. During that period, there was an urgent need for a peer-to-peer method of conducting transactions.

Therefore, most individuals flocked into the blockchain ecosystem when Bitcoin was innovated. The most recent period when many individuals joined the crypto ecosphere was when the first bull market happened in 2013. Several individuals had a fear of missing out. Then came Vitalik’s Ethereum, which proved to be most promising as an inbuilt layer increased the transaction speed and scalability. Bitcoin Spark, a cutting-edge technology that will enlighten the digital currency universe into garnering incredible traction.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a distinct exchange that employs computerized liquidity procedures, an increasingly recent trading methodology. It is fully decentralized, implying it isn’t managed or controlled by a single company. The Ethereum blockchain, the second-biggest digital currency venture, is the foundation on which the Uniswap structure was developed in 2018. As a result, it is interoperable with all ERC-20 tokens and supporting facilities, including wallet providers like MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

Bitcoin Spark, Digital Currency to Watch out for

The virtual currency needs a platform that promises scalability and interoperability and can be self-sustainable. These are the features that most investors look out for while searching for a digital currency network. Bitcoin Spark is a project that depicts these features in its network.

The new Bitcoin fork has integrated a layer of smart contracts that enables scalability in the platform. The multilayer smart contract embedded in the network allows the utilization of high-level and low-level language. Moreover, the smart contract allows programmers to use any programming language, such as Vyper, to create decentralized applications.

Most importantly, sophisticated and profound verifying auditing platforms, including Contract Wolf and Vital Block, have done a deep dive check and confirmation of the network’s smart contract and KYC.

Compared to other crypto startups with low detailed roadmaps, Bitcoin Spark’s roadmap is well-informed and gives way for developing the project to a wide range of participants. In addition, revenue generation is an essential element when it comes to the development of an upcoming cryptocurrency project.

The project needs to have a well-planned and distinct income generation scheme. The new cryptocurrency project has a revenue generation mechanism emanating from advertisement and renting processing power.

Validators provide processing power from the nodes to the ecosystem for conducting activities such as video rendering and solving complex computational tasks. In restrain, these validators are awarded with the BTCS mined from the network. From the CPU obtained income, the team takes 3% for maintenance.

Moreover, advertisement is conducted to a portion of space acquired in the network’s website and application. Organizations that want to advertise their product on the platform will pay in an elastic-based program. It is a supply and demand manner where when the demand is high, the time is reduced, and the advert fee will increase.

The project utilizes the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to Conduct operations. This is incredible as it is a double validation process that combines PoW and PoS. Investors who want to join the bandwagon will purchase BTCS at $2.25.

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