ARB Towards its Lowest Value; Investors Shift to New AI Altcoin Poised for 3000% Growth

Top altcoin project InQubeta (QUBE) has sold over $2.4 million in tokens early in its presale, as investors flock to what appears to be one of the best cryptos to buy now. Investors who join now can expect to grow their capital by up to 300% before the event ends thanks to price increases at each stage further down the line. 

Things haven’t been as awesome for the Arbitrum (ARB) project as its prices have continued to decline steadily since its launch. Some Arbitrum holders are now rushing to the QUBE presale for the opportunity to earn back some of the money they’ve lost. 

A huge part of InQubeta’s success has been the much-needed solution it provides for investors who want to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) but have been denied entry to traditional avenues due to elitist requirements like income levels 90% of the global population don’t meet. 

Top altcoin InQubeta (QUBE) emerges as one of the best cryptos to buy as presale exceeds expectations

InQubeta’s innovative solution opens up investments in artificial intelligence and helps to advance the development of the technology by funding startups in the sphere. The AI industry has grown exponentially in the past several years as investments increased 10x from 2015 to 2022. Over $120 billion is now invested in the AI industry and the number is projected to exceed $1.5 trillion in the next several years. 

InQubeta’s alternative to traditional investment mediums puts it in a position to help direct a substantial fraction of capital to AI startups. 

AI is expected to cause more transformation than most tech breakthroughs have in the last century and that will create rare opportunities for investors to earn exponential returns. Those who invest in artificial intelligence startups that end up being major contributors to the AI revolution set themselves up to enjoy unprecedented profits. Investing in AI is also a way for investors to protect themselves against the transformation the technology will cause. Countless jobs will be lost to artificial intelligence and it will change how the world operates. 

A democratic investment process

InQubeta swaps stocks with non-fungible tokens developed on its Ethereum-based blockchain to create a transparent, secure investment process that doesn’t require investors to jump through hurdles for the opportunity to use the platform. 

AI startups in need of funding can create and sell equity-based ERC20 coins on the QUBE network. Anyone with a crypto wallet can then purchase these tokens, becoming partners with their makers. Investors can monitor the value of any tokens purchased in their InQubeta account and they can sell their ERC20 coins whenever they choose. 

Buying part ownership of AI firms isn’t the only way to earn profits on the InQubeta network. Financiers can invest in the platform directly by buying and holding $QUBE tokens. Holders can stake their $QUBE to earn more and they also get to be part of the platform’s governance. Analysts project $QUBE has the potential for 3,000% growth once tokens are launched given how undervalued tokens currently are and the 1.5 billion supply cap. 


Arbitrum (ARB) investors search for greener pastures

Arbitrum provides a layer-two scaling solution for the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, using rollups to improve transaction fees, scalability, and speed. The recent deployment of the Arbitrum Orbit hasn’t generated the interest the project’s developers hoped for as prices continue to decline. Orbit allows developers to deploy programs written in popular languages like C++. 


InQubeta is one of the best cryptos to buy right now as its presale sets investors up to earn up to 300% returns while prices are anticipated to grow as much as 3,000% once tokens are launched. InQubeta’s link to AI gives it as much growth potential as top cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

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