4 Best DeFi Projects Predicted to Hit New Base in September 2023  

Availability of transactions, exchanges, and financial services without third-party interruption is not a dream today. All credit goes to the DeFi concept, which came into existence in 2014. DeFi owes its presence to the launch of Ethereum Blockchain and is accountable for managing financial transactions related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. An emerging financial technology is all set to challenge and replace the current centralized banking system soon. The continuous evolution of the concept eliminates the need for intermediary parties to make transactions. Let’s uncover a few of the DeFi projects predicted to hit new heights in September 2023.        

Frax Finance

Frax Finance, one of the most innovative decentralized stablecoins and DeFi stablecoin infrastructure is expected to hit new levels in September 2023. With several subprotocols that integrate the stablecoins, the platform is ready to hit the crypto space with its offerings. Frax Finance was introduced by Sam Kazemaian, Jason Huan, and Tarvis Moore in 2019. The platform was presented with the purpose of offering a decentralized and stable currency using a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin named FRAX available at a current value of $1.00. Offering three DeFi financial services including lending, liquidity, and stablecoins made the platform more popular in the crypto landscape.        


Gamma, another popular platform in the Crypto market, was launched in 2022. The platform is a protocol for active liquidity management and market-making approaches. With $100+ Million value locked, 50+ managed pairs, and 10+ liquidity partners, the platform is all set to flourish in the crypto space with its outstanding services. Automated management of concentrated liquidity on platforms like Uniswap and QuickSwap just added superiority to Gamma, making it a key player in the race. The tailor-made strategies of Gamma help in managing the liquidity of leading Web3 and DeFi protocols.    

Defi Saver

DeFi Saver, a one-stop dashboard for generating, managing, and tracking the DeFi positions also ranked on the list of top DeFi in 2023. With around 115,000+ transactions and $7 Billion trade volume, the platform is creating its strong and recognized position in the crypto space. DeFi Saver was introduced in 2019 by Nenad Palinkasevic & Andrej Cvoro. Portfolio management, decentralized exchange, custom transactions, loan refining, and lending and borrowing are some common services offered by DeFi Saver.       


Another unique platform to explore in 2023 is Morpho, one of the most efficient and liquid protocols to borrow and supply assets over an Ethereum blockchain. With a total supply of $910 Million and $456 Million total borrowed, Morpho is all set to bloom the crypto space. The platform was launched in June 2022 and simply combines peer-to-peer efficiency with the flexibility of lending pools to offer users the best of both spaces. Enhanced matching engine, gasless token approval, efficiency mode, and account management along with exposure to adding an extra layer of smart contract risk make the platform unique from other DeFi available in the crypto space.      


With continuous evolution and advancement, working with the DeFi platform has become more efficient. Frax Finance, Gamma, Morpho, and DeFi Saver are four main DeFi platforms that are predicted to bloom in the crypto space soon.   

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