Top DeFi News That Every Crypto Investor Should Pay Heed To

The decentralized domain is expanding by leaps and bounds. Every day, something exciting happens and thrills every crypto user. That’s why people are eager to know about every tiding in the sphere. It is known to all that news is the basis of every speculation. It helps investors assess and predict the future of any assets. 

It also lets them avoid the risks and be more calculative in the trade. That’s why, experts keep telling investors about the most critical updates in the crypto space. So, following the same vein, here are the latest pieces of news that’ll help every trader in the DeFi space.

News That Was Abuzz This Week in Crypto Space

Here are some handpicked pieces that brought the attention of the world to the blockchain world. 

1inch Wallet Sets More Benchmarks After A Successful Rally This Month

1inch wallet is really going through a purple patch right now. Last month, the wallet witnessed a profit streak that hit $3.7M. Recently, the wallet took possession of ETH worth $80 Million. However, some blockchain analysts flagged this transaction and warned users about it. They alleged that the company has indulged in arbitrary purchasing. The transaction happened after the company had made money with its previous moves. 

Dyor Adapts Tinder’s Footsteps To Make Strides With DeFi and Web3

Dyor, a promising forthcoming project is simplifying investments for every DeFi trader. Reportedly, it’s building a decentralized social investing app with a Tinder-like swipe feature. That’s right, the users will be able to explore and choose the options with swiping. It would let the users browse new DeFi and Web3 projects seamlessly. Furthermore, it is a non-custodial and permissionless network that gives more freedom to the traders.

Balancer Lost Millions After A Few Days of Discovering Vulnerability

DeFi protocol Balancer was compromised recently to the tune of $900,000. Most notably, it happened after the vulnerability of the pool was exposed. Blockchain security expert Meier Dolev has revealed the identity of the hacker. The specialist said that he had found two transfers of Dai stablecoin. The values of these transfers are $257,527 and $636,812 reportedly. 

Reports of Insider Selling of Pepe Emerged While Ongoing Rumors of Theft

The crypto influencer Jeremy “Pauly” Cahen and on-chain analyst Yazan alleged insider selling of PEPE holdings. Most notably, they said that the amount is around 400 Billion PEPE tokens. On all fronts, this news has shocked many crypto users. The experts have also revealed the details of transactions and the people involved in them. 

Base and Optimism Announce Collaborative Revenue-Sharing and Governance

The two leading networks have decided that they will use multi-signature wallets. With this implementation, they will be able to combine their governance as well as revenue. On the occasion, both parties expressed firm hopes of better operations and higher profits. Moreover, the association has given birth to three separate entities in the space. While the Base and Optimism will continue to work as they were, the combined body will function as a separate body. 


With these pieces, the market participants can prepare themselves for the future. However, the active traders need to know about a lot of things. Thus, they need to check the latest updates very frequently. Only then, they can streamline their trade in every step. 

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