Famous Krapopolis Show is Scheduled in September With NFT 

Krapopolis is an adult animated television show that is set to release on 24 September 2023. It is a comedy series that revolves around a family of humans, monsters, and gods. The first two episodes of the show will air on September 24th, on the TV network, FOX.

It is a fan-oriented show as its content is impacted by them. The fans who own a nonfungible token “Krapopolis Krap Chicken” are allowed to vote on the show components. To gain access to the Krapopolis extended universe and the feature traits portrayed in the show, it is necessary to hold the fan pass. Each Krap Chicken NFT acts as a fan pass. 

Benefits Given to Krapopolis Krap Chicken NFT Holders

Along with the voting rights to holders, there are some other benefits as well. Each chicken produces a Krap Egg once a day which is an ERC-20 token. Collection of these eggs helps improve ranking on the leadership board or it can be spent on show-related merchandise. It is the constituent behind the reward which is around merit and skill rather than a lottery-style system.

It is different from other shows because it is fan driven and it allots power to fans to decide and change the plot of the show through voting. This clearly means that once the show is aired, the plot can be changed by accommodating the voting. The voting takes place on the Krapopolis website.

Krap Chickens aren’t the main character of the show. It has voice acting talents of Hanna Waddingham as Deliria, Pam Murphy as Stupendous, Matt Berry as Shlub, and Duncan Trussell as Hippocampus.

The Krap Chicken acts as a fan pass that includes prices of Krap Eggs. The other prize is to be featured on the show as a guest character by gaining a coveted Key to Krapopolis.

There are two types of keys. The one who wins the scavenger hunt is the winner of the first key. The second key was auctioned and sold for 3.1 ETH. Holders can use egg rewards to upgrade Krap Chickens on the Krapopolis website which combines with the image generation engine that properly accounts for rendering layer order changes.


The Krapopolis is an animated comedy serial by Dan Harmone. The plot of this is centered around a flawed family consisting of gods, humans, and monsters. They tried to run the world’s first city without harming each other. It is all set to release between the hit animated series “The Simpsons and Bob’s Burger” as part of the Fox Animation Domination programming block.

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