Cardano (ADA) Unleashes Major Bitcoin (BTC) Integration on Mainnet

Gamza Khanzadaev

Bitcoin officially comes to Cardano in major mainnet launch via anetaBTC

In a significant stride forward, anetaBTC has proudly announced the commencement of Cardano’s long-awaited mainnet operations. Following a successful public testnet rollout for the ADA blockchain earlier in April, anetaBTC aims to galvanize the DeFi potential of Cardano by infusing it with on-chain wrapped BTC.

The mainnet inauguration marks a pivotal moment for Cardano, as it embarks on a journey to integrate Bitcoin liquidity through the cBTC asset. Much like Ethereum’s wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), the freshly minted cBTC will now empower users to harness Bitcoin-backed assets within the Cardano ecosystem, an eagerly anticipated development that is poised to contribute significantly to the project’s growth.

AnetaBTC’s multi-phase approach is at the heart of this integration strategy, envisaging three distinct phases. In the initial one, governance is upheld by anetaBTC, and a secure vault houses BTC deposits. A meticulous off-chain code performs automated verification of deposit transactions, cross-referencing metadata with users’ addresses. As the protocol evolves through subsequent versions, decentralization will become paramount, further reinforcing the security and resilience of this pioneering framework.

The potential unlocking of liquidity from the colossal trillion-dollar BTC market underscores the transformative impact of wrapping BTC on Cardano. With its sights set on Cardano’s role in the impending DeFi revolution, anetaBTC’s noncustodial cBTC endeavor aspires to carve its niche within the thriving wBTC market, expanding Cardano’s liquidity landscape.