October 3, 2023

Bandai Namco Ventures Into Blockchain Gaming with AI Virtual Pet NFT Game!

Bandai Namco, a gaming giant renowned for iconic franchises like Pac-Man and Tekken, has ventured into the world of blockchain gaming with the launch of an AI-powered virtual pet game! Bandai Namco Research has teamed up with Oasys, a gaming-centric blockchain network, and Japanese startup Attructure. Together, they have introduced the RYUZO game, featuring a series of NFT-based digital creatures known as RYU.


What is the Bandai Namco RYUZO Game?

Do you remember Tamagotchis? These virtual pets were a viral sensation in the 90s. RYUZO has a similar concept, where players nurture and engage with their virtual pets. However, RYU offers a unique twist by employing artificial intelligence to create a more advanced and interactive virtual pet experience. So, upon hatching, each RYU transforms into a soulbound token. This ensures its uniqueness and restricts its transferability or sale.

Furthermore, RYU creatures develop distinct personalities and unlock various abilities based on user interactions. Thanks so AI, Players can feed and race their pets while witnessing the creatures learn and evolve. Players can create whole generations of pets within the application!

Prior to the game’s official release, 10,000 digital NFT eggs, known as MARYU, were airdropped to holders of Oasys’ first series of NFTs in the “Oasyx” project. This built anticipation and excitement among the gaming community. The nurturing phase of the game is set to last for a year, ensuring an ongoing and evolving experience for players.

Further Oasys Collaborations

In addition to RYUZO, Oasys has revealed plans for exciting collaborations with notable game projects. This includes a crossover event with the popular blockchain game Brave Frontier Heroes. The partnership signals a promising future for blockchain gaming and hints at more thrilling NFT releases on the horizon.

Finally, Bandai Namco’s involvement in the blockchain gaming space demonstrates the industry’s increasing interest in adopting this Web3 technology. Bandai Namco’s foray into blockchain gaming isn’t unique in the industry. Other prominent game publishers like Ubisoft are also developing their blockchain games, showcasing the growing potential of this innovative gaming landscape.


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