A Gaming NFT With Incredible Battles

Wreck League Majestic was created in August 2023. It is a real time PvP competitive fighting game. It has spectacular battles, robust customization, and a competitive culture. It is a combination of the mechs, the matches, the constructors, and the brawl.

It provides the creative freedom to generate their own Mech fighter. The best Mech creators and owners will join forces with skilled players to reach the pinnacle of the leagues various competitions.

The Mechs in the game are indestructible with athletic feats and devastating attacks. The matches are 1 versus 1 real time battles. The player must win 1 round in order to win the match. The Brawl is the governing body that control the admittance and approvals of the team

Market Analysis of Wreck League Majestic

This gaming NFT has a total volume of 562 ETH and a floor price of 0.0518 ETH. The total owners are 2,284 and it has 25% unique owners. The ownership data shows that it has 1,214 owners for 1 item, 591 owners for 2-3 items, 267 owners for 4-10 items, 179 owners for 11-25 items, 20 owners for 26-50 items, 13 owners for more than 51 items.

The volume and the average price chart of OpenSea shows that on August 19, the sales made were 194 with the average price of .1412 ETH. On August 20, the sales were 101 with an average price of 0.136 ETH. The sales showed a gradual increase with 155 sales on August 23 with the average price of .1035 ETH. August 24th and 25th data shows that it has made 165 sales and 730 sales with average price of 0.1191 ETH and 0.15 ETH, respectively.

Wreck League Majestic: A Gaming NFT With Incredible Battles

The items with the lowest price are Majestic Box #2831 at .051 ETH, Majestic Box #6479, and Majestic Box #2831 at .0515 ETH respectively. The highest price items list includes Majestic Box # 6,479 at 105 ETH, Majestic Box # 2,831 at 69 ETH, and Majestic Box #1 at 25 ETH. The data of recently listed items shows Majestic Box #1 at 0.849 ETH, Majestic Box # 6479 at .0515 ETH, and Majestic Box #1 at 0.85 ETH.

It has different traits like IP, rarity, release and season. On the basis of these traits, they can be differentiated. Best offers made is for Majestic Box #1 which is at 0.8589 ETH, the best offer made is 0.7 WETH, again the Majestic Box #1 and the best offer made is 0.65 WETH.

Wreck League Majestics, a competitive fighting game has a market cap of 1.08K. This gaming NFT is available on NFTgo, OpenSea, X2Y2, Looksrare, Gem, Genie, etc. The recent market performance of this NFT is satisfactory. They include 3 whales and 561 blue chip holders of the NFT.

Wreck League Majestics is attracting gamers with awesome battles and competitions. It showcases various features from different web3 projects. The players can digitally own the Mech parts.

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